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Objekto publishes furniture, luminaries and objects. The company distributes worldwide the creations of a selection of famous designers such as Paulo Mendes da Rocha or Maurício Klabin.

Objekto breaks the current orthodoxy and monotony by publishing original yet functional products which convey a great emotional aspect. Under the inspired hands of the designers, folklore, constructivist and functionalist concepts are combined to give rise to sophisticated and innovative furniture while keeping the imagination and the poetry of the form.


Both our products and raw materials are 100% made in Europe. Recycled steel from Italy and France, Cotton canvas from France, Woods from sustainable forests in Central Europe, Leather from France, tanned with an ancestral process without chrome and others heavy metals.


A strong and wholesome relation between the designer and the publishing company, a common objective supported by complementary skills, a mutual understanding of each others is for Objekto the key to success. The respect of the designers’s projects is for Objekto the base of a trusting relationship. Products are developed and manufactured according to the designer wishes and recommendations.

Sales Networks

Objekto publishes, manufactures, and distributes its products on a World exclusivity basis. Creations are distributed in a selective network composed by top of the line contemporary design retailers.


Objekto is very concerned by environmental protection and quality of materials. Quality begins with a selection of materials coming from reliable suppliers. Our furniture are manufactured according to rigorous standards set by high skilled operators and craftsmen. Before being packed, each of our products complies with an advanced quality control.

Intellectual property

Because of their artistic value and their particular and single creative nature, all creations of the Objekto’s collection are protected by copyrights. Legal copyrights protection is ensured during all the life of the author and 70 years after its death. Objekto is very involved in the fight against copies in partnership with other manufacturers.