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Ilse Lang

Ilse Lang

Designer, architect (1959) - Caçapava do Sul (RS) - Brazil
Graduated in Architecture, Ilse Lang created her first piece of furniture in 1988 and took part in the Movesp contest. 1st prize Winner, she decided to dedicate herself exclusively to furniture design and forgot for a while her architect career. Difficult but crowned with success choice since Ilse Lang is recognized today as one of the greatest revelations of the contemporary Brazilian design.

Ilse Lang was born in Caçapava, a small town located in southern Brazil, very close to Uruguay and Argentina. This “Gaúcho” land is far from this tropical Brazil so often pointed up. It’s from this cold, monochromatic and vast region that Ilse Lang gets her inspiration.
Regarding Ilse Lang, innovation is to make things even simpler than they already are. She understands simplification as an evolution: to focus on what is essential. A successful design cannot be reduced to a visual aspect nor to an innovating technical answer. A successful design is a balance between form and function. The coexistence of these two concepts is the important thing. According to her, being faithful to the concept that says that the form is a consequence of the function doesn’t mean that it is disconnected from our feelings. Our cultural and emotional heritage emerges from the subtle choices we make during the creation process.

Her furniture always combines aestheticism with functionality. Her stroke is simple and pure. Cleverness and innovation give her design an amazing look.

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