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The Kaeko coffee table, designed by Brazilian graphic designer and architect Rafic Farah, is a simple yet sophisticated piece. Inspired by his fascination for women, Farah gave his Kaeko table stylish and sensual wavy lines.

Rafic Farah started to take an interest in the design of objects after taken care of the Doctor Kaeko's cabinet fitment. He decides then to continue designing and manufacturing objects and furniture for his clients and friends: lamps and this coffee table in 1989.

Doctor Kaeco is a half-blood Japanese woman, tall with deep black hair. She is characterized by her natural elegance, her optimism and her determination. The graphic structures of these objects are maybe the reflection of her sophisticated and refined appearance: a Chinese ink on a rice paper

The Kaeko coffee table is a perfect illustration of Rafic Farah conception of design: simple and sophisticated at the same time.

Data sheet

H.33 cm x Diamètre 110 cm
28 kg
Powder coated steel or polished stainless steel
Tempered glass 10mm


FT Kaeko

Kaeko coffee table technical datasheet

Download (284.29k)

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